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Kenya's president gives in to more protestors' demands

Kenya President William Ruto

Kenya President William

Kenyan President William Ruto on Friday ordered significant cuts in the federal budget along with other government reforms to pay off a crushing debt burden in a move seen as a concession to popular disapproval of a tax bill that sparked violent protests.

Following weeks of protests during which dozens of people reportedly were killed, Ruto withdrew a finance bill intended to raise $2.7 billion — most of it from tax increases — to pay off debt. Ruto instead offered a compromise: a plan is to cut $1.39 billion from the budget and borrow the difference. 

To make it work, Ruto said, his government will eliminate 47 state corporations with overlapping or duplicative functions and reduce by 50 per cent the number of government advisors, among many other actions.

Filling the positions of chief administrative secretaries is suspended, Ruto said, and government funds will not be used for the operations of the offices of the first lady, the spouse of the deputy president and the prime cabinet secretary. And there's more.

"Public servants who attain retirement age of 60 shall be required to immediately proceed on retirement with no extensions,” Ruto said.

Also, government purchase of new motor vehicles is suspended for 12 months, except for security agencies, and all nonessential travel by state and public officers is suspended, the president said. Some of the actions were on a list of demands made by protesters.

Ruto also said he has appointed an independent task force to carry out a comprehensive, forensic audit of the country's public debt.

"This audit will provide Kenyans with clarity on the extent and nature of our debt and how public resources have been expanded and also recommend proposals for managing public debt in a manner that is sustainable and does not burden future generations," he said.

Nearly 40 people died and 360 were injured nationwide since the protests started three weeks ago, according to Kenya's National Commission on Human Rights.


0 #1 Akot 2024-07-08 14:14
Calling for early presidential election will give William Ruto chance to be a real man responsible for what he believes in; his country!

Then Kenyans will have to vote for the candidated who has real programme for real development & chance to ALL Kenyans!

As it is, nothing will change & Kenya, like Uganda, will remain paradise for migrants/refugees, while being hell for Kenyans & Ugandans fighting one another only to end up in the same mess!

Not to forget that Kenya is in the hands of Kenyans, while Uganda is Rwandese Museveni's family business & Ugandans are tribally divided ruled & fight one another to ensure they remain slaves for good!
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+1 #2 kabayekka 2024-07-08 14:48
Not to burden future generations for these African governments is a dodgy pipe dream.

The African leadership with their priorities is to spend money and remain in power and become rich on the back of very poor African peoples!

They reckon the next generations will continue to love them as Pan African heroes who deserve everlasting love and respect!
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+2 #3 kabayekka 2024-07-08 14:55
These African leadership do not see that a democratic change of leadership can steer the African continent to greater heights of economic development.

That is why they surround themselves with very expensive military ware to stay put in state power until Jesus comes back to earth!
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0 #4 Akot 2024-07-09 14:26
kabayekka, thanks

Africa is ruled by thugs who only care for themselves & families & Ruto proved he isn't different & has nothing to propose for a better Kenya!

Ugandans MUST say NO to the tribalitic system & UNITE to block & show Rwandese Musveni way out, or things will get worse for them as he has nothing to lose in the Uganda he colonised & doesn't care about the powerless tribally divided!

Museveni is kept in post, protected by Ugandans & only them can stop him, but in UNITY!

When will Ugandans wake up to reality?
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