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Over 100 arrested in Namugongo for theft

Pilgrims at Namugongo

Pilgrims at Namugongo

More than 100 suspected thugs have been apprehended by security at both the Anglican and Catholic shrines in Namugongo during today's Martyrs Day celebration.

Several pilgrims lost phones, money, and national IDs to groups of pickpockets in Namugongo, despite the heavy security presence.

Some of the thugs, donning blue reflector jackets with ushering tags, were seen participating in the collection of offerings. As the collection of offertory and gifts began at the Catholic shrine, clerics appealed to pilgrims to be vigilant.

"Please note that only authorized collectors with red bags are legitimate," a cleric announced over the microphone. "We have unauthorized people collecting the offertory. Please note that our ushers are in red jackets."

According to Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire, who was at the Catholic shrine, several victims reported cases of robbery.

"So far, we have registered cases of simple robberies where people have lost their IDs, money, and phones. We have apprehended over 100 suspects," Owoyesigyire noted.

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