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New UTB board urged to position Uganda as a top tourist destination

The newly sworn in UTB board in a group picture

The newly sworn in UTB board in a group picture

The minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Tom Butime has tasked the new board of directors of the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) to position Uganda as a world class tourist destination that offers unparalleled experience to visitors from around the world.

The new board which was inaugurated last week consists of 11 members led by Pearl Hoareau Kakooza as the chairperson. Other members are Olive Birungi Lumonya, Sally Sandra Kebirungi, Vincent Operemo, Stephen Sany Masaba, Vivian Lyazi, Margaret Arach Ojara, Tony Mulinde, Rashid Kiyimba, Ronald Kazooba Kawamara and Lilly Ajarova.

Butime noted that the new board members had been chosen not only for their expertise and experience but also for their unwavering commitment to the advancement of the country’s tourism industry. He therefore urged them to execute their roles with dedication, integrity and a spirit of collaboration.

“The tourism industry in Uganda holds immense potential for economic growth, job creation and social and cultural development of our people. It is therefore imperative that UTB under the guidance of the new board continues to pursue innovative strategies, sustainable practices and partnerships that enhance Uganda’s competitiveness in the global tourism markets,” Butime said.

Lilly Ajarova, the CEO of UTB who is also the secretary of the board told fellow board members that as they take on this new role, they should remain steady fast in their commitment to promoting sustainable tourism practices, preserving our natural and cultural heritage and fostering collaborations and inclusivity within the tourism sector.

“We must work tirelessly to ensure that Uganda remains the destination of choice for travellers who are seeking authentic experiences, breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality. I am confident that we shall overcome challenges, seize opportunities and realize the full potential of Uganda’s tourism sector,” she said.

Meanwhile, the outgoing Board chairperson Daudi Migereko implored the new board to follow up on the five directives President Museveni issued in April last year aimed at spurring Uganda’s tourism sector to ensure their timely implementation in order to develop our tourism sector and compete favorably with other countries.

These directives were; setting up Uganda trade hubs at airports and aerodromes both in Uganda and abroad, renovating the aerodromes of Kasese, Pakuba, Kidepo and Kisoro, training staff in the hospitality industry about Uganda’s tourist locations, improving communications and internet services within tourist sites and KCCA to clean up, repair and maintain city roads.

“Uganda is gifted by nature but it is not enough. We must work on our tourism products, the sites, transport infrastructure and general quality assurance of the tourism sector so that they can meet international standards because we are competing on the global scale,” Migereko told the new board.


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